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What you got in that bag?


What you got in that bag?

This week is a quickie about some items every athlete should have in his or her gym bag. Some of these are no brainers and some I just strongly recommend. I will go into detail on some of these at a later time, but for now look at the list, make your own list, and get everything on it.

1)    Get a gym bag to put this sh*t in

2)    Don’t show up to a class with out water. Not to mention you should be drinking water constantly throughout the day. I probably go through 3 bottles in a given workout session.

3)    Preworkout nutrition. Eat something! Whether you carry something around or have a plan for this, you need some nutrition before a workout. You may have heard that you burn more calories if you don’t eat before a workout. That kinda crap may be fine if you were going to walk on the treadmill. Our intensity is high and we are lifting weight, so we need energy. Our energy comes from our intake. You need carbs and protein before a wod.

4)    Post workout nutrition- you need to replenish your body after strenuous activity. So have a shake or something. Think carbs and protein. If you are not trying to lose weight, then even chocolate milk is doable.

5)    Wrist wraps. We do a lot that involves some type of flexion or stress on our wrist. So get some wraps to stabilize and brace those things. You can get name brand ones or go to Wal-Mart and pay $5 for a pair. Everyone should have them.

6)    A sweat towel. That’s just so you guys will stop using my rags that I have for wiping down gear, which is kinda nasty anyways.

7)    A JOURNAL. One of the most important. Everyone should be journaling their workouts. Even though most workouts will never be seen again, we still can use this to track our progress. Its no secret that we are strength biased CrossFit gym, so you should definitely be keeping track of those strength numbers. I have no sympathy for your confusion when you don’t know what weight to use on a workout because you wont take 30 seconds to write this stuff down everyday. If we generate enough interest, I will order a bunch of wod books for you guys.


Those are the general things that you should have with you every time you come to the gym. There are a couple more pieces that I strongly recommend each person have, if you are serious about your fitness.

1) Mobility gear. Everyone should know how to perform basic maintenance on    themselves. Get these pieces and if you need direction, im here to help

-Foam roller

-Single lacrosse ball

-Double lacrosse ball (its just two taped together, looks like a peanut)

-Small mobility band

2) Your own jump rope- in order to train correctly and be proficient, you need a rope that is sized just to you and you use only that rope.

3) Weight lifting belt- If you lift heavy very often, it may be ok to get one, but don’t let this become a crutch. I typically wont use my belt unless my weight is over 85% of my max. If you use the belt too often, then you will limit your ability to develop a strong core.

4) Weight lifting shoes- If you are a avid lifter and somewhat serious about your performance, then lifting shoes can improve your game. They are designed to put your body in a better position for squatting.