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What you got in that bag?


What you got in that bag?

Lets talk about some items that I recommend every athlete has in his/ her bag and some others that aren’t as crucial but can help. I may go into more detail about some pieces later on but for now its just about basic prepping for success.

  1. Get a gym bag and put the following things in it. I like the King Kong bags. They are a little pricey but very study material and lots of pockets.
  2. DO NOT show up to the gym without water.We have a water fountain but you should always have a bottle with in reach. Its hot and we train hard. Given the heat here and our workout intensity, 80-100oz is a good amount for most in the gym. A good insulated container would be nice to keep your water cool during the workout.
  3. Pre workout nutrition- As we talked about during the nutrition challenge, pre workout nutrition is crucial to performance. Protein and carbs anytime 1-3 hours before you workout will supply great energy for a strong performance. This could be a meal or snack but you need something to fuel performance.
  4. Post workout nutrition- You need something after a workout to help the muscles rebuild and recover. A protein shake is recommended within 30minutes. I would love to see every one in the gym slamming a shake after a workout. Some of you eat food soon after and thats ok as well, but it needs to be so after.
  5. Wrist wraps- simple, cheap, and protects the small joints. we do a lot of weight lifting and movements that involve the wrists. They could use some support. i can recommend some really good ones for between $20-$30 or you can get a cheap pair from wal mart for about $6.
  6. Knee sleeves- Like the wrist wraps these provide great support for the joints. Any sleeves will provide constant warmth, which keeps the knees from going cold on you. The good ones also are designed in a way that forces the knee caps to track in the correct alignment, especially with all of the squatting, lifting, and running we do. The compression they provide also feels great. Ask coach about our Rock Tape sleeves. They are the highest quality without breaking the bank.
  7. A sweat towel- its hot in here. This will help keep your hands dry and some sweat out of your face for intense training. Please don’t use the dirty gear rags on your body…thats just nasty.

Here is some other gear thats not as crucial but its certainly recommended

  1. Jump rope- Yes we provide some good jump ropes. If you are somewhat serious about your training, i urge you to get a good rope that is cut specifically to your height. We can recommend a couple good brands.
  2. Mobility gear- single across ball, a double lacrosse ball, and/ or small foam roller. I wish we had the time to spend 20min a day rolling out on this stuff. Get your own and this is something you can do on your own. How about 20min of rolling out while watching tv at night.
  3. Hand protection- If you spend plenty of time lifting or on the pull up bar, this is crucial. Gloves, wodies, gymnastic grips, etc. There are many options out there to protect your hands from rips. Ask a coach about them. I also recommend that you get a can of our Rip Fix or some other hand balm. it will not only drastically decrease the healing time needed after a rip,but it is also a great daily moisturizer for you hands. Proper hand care will keep you from ripping. Your significant other, boyfriend/ girlfriend, or Tinder hook up will be happy you took care of them too.
  4. Weight lifting shoes- This is more for the competitive athletes and this that have been training for a while. They have a solid sole which allows you to maximize power when lifting. Most importantly, they have a raised heel that puts you in a more upright/ ergonomic position when squatting.

Some people may have other things that like to carry. These are just some of the most common. Our progress in the gym is based on our performance. The right gear, prep, and nutrition will boost your performance and keep you more safe.

Next time I will talk more on pre and post workout nutrition and supplements. There may be some more items to add to your bag.

Train Hard- Train Smart
Coach Pat