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What We Offer


Group CrossFit classes are our staple program. We believe in fitness. Our intent is to improve quality of life outside of the gym. Whether you’re looking to improve athletic performance, get stronger, build muscle, decrease body fat, or even just avoid the nursing home, our program effectively meets the needs of our community.


Personal Training

Personal training is an incredibly effective way of getting you started or taking your training to the next level. Your personal coach will identify and clarify your fitness goals with assessment and programming specifically designed for you.



We provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. Let us help you sort fact from fiction and get you started on your path to health and wellness.


GPX Kids

Our program isn’t just for adults. We host a kid friendly option designed with the needs of the younger population in mind. Our program is great way to teach kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We look too build the same general physical skills as our adults, with an extra focus on coordination and bone density. Our dream is to foster a generation of healthy, fit individuals who don’t require assistance and enjoy freedom activity for a long life.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weight lifting is a growing sport that develops strength, power, speed, and coordination in exciting ways. It is great way to learn a new sport or training method and have fun doing it. Olympic weight lifting is also great way to build strength and athleticism without adding excessive size. This makes it incredibly beneficial for trainees looking to get strong while maintaining a lower body weight and building quality lean muscle.

Gulfport Bootcamp

Our bootcamp class is a fun group training class that uses CrossFit methods with a focus on lean toned body and metabolic conditioning. Boot camp classes run in 6 week courses, including assessment and nutrition guidance.

Hour Access

Want to get in some extra work outside of class time? Need an option for the days where your work schedule won’t allow you to make classes? Looking to take advantage of our quality CrossFit ad weight lifting equipment for your own training? We offer a 24-hour access option open to members and non-members.

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