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Nutrition: Part 1


Nutrition: Part 1



Ok guys so this will be the first part of a nutrition post series meant to educate and change the way you view nutrition. Firstly, I am not going to push everyone to eat like a pro athlete, go completely strict, or stop you from living life a little bit. I do want you to have an understanding of what you are putting in your body, how it works, and how it affects your goals. Everything you consume has some negative or positive affect on your health and will come in terms of some sort of trade off. If I follow a strict nutrition protocol with no room for error, I understand the work required to do that and that I will most likely be limiting my social activities outside of the gym. I also understand that if I have little to no control over my nutrition, then I will have trouble reaching any goals in training, health, or aesthetics.

What I want for you guys is to have an understanding of how nutrition works, how to apply the basics, and how to gain control of it. Ever watch some of the fit people in the gym and wonder how they can eat some garbage and go out drinking and still look good? That’s because they have control over their body. They are able to stray away from the path and get back on it. They have taken the time to gain control over their body and now their body adapts faster and more easily.  This can only happen after a solid period of sound nutrition to reset your body and establish a new “normal”.

In the following posts, we are going to explore some areas of nutrition such as pre workout, post workout, understanding macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats), different nutrition methods, food prep, and eating for your goals. I hope you guys look forward to this. I am going to spread it out a little and flood you with information. I am planning to do some live video posts in our GPX Members page. This will be a great opportunity for everyone in the gym to join in, ask questions, and share what you have learned. Your questions or knowledge may help someone else. We will then follow all of this new information with our first 2017 nutrition and performance challenge. I am planning some sweet prizes and a gym full of fit sexy AF people.

Make sure you are following the blog and catch each of the posts. Start prepping any questions you may have and go back to read my previous articles. They may refresh your memory on something useful.


Train Hard Train Smart

Coach Pat

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  1. Patrick McDonagh

    Really looking forward to understanding more and to do my best to go strict for a while so I can reset my body like you were talking about.