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November 24, 2014


November 24, 2014

Sorry no mobility video or technique video today. We are switching over to Wodify this week. I made an instructional video for you guys, so take the time to familiarize yourself with the system and what it can do for you.


Warm Up: 2x Hip Mobility Drill, 20 Dirty Dogs, 20 Donkey Kicks,

CrossOver Symmetry,

2rds: 30sec Dead hang, 10 Push Ups, 10 KB Swings

2min: Banded Squats Around Knees

*5min- Back Squat Warm Up

[email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%



3 Back [email protected] 85%

3 Strict Pull Ups/ 6 Ring Rows

3 Turkish Get Ups (53/35)

3 KB Snatch each (53/35)