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May 13, 2014


May 13, 2014

Warm Up: 2x Hip Mobility Drill, 

20 Dirty Dogs, 20 Donkey Kicks

3x 5 Wall Squat/ 5 Goblet squat/ 10 KB Swing


1) Back Squat: 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%

2) Front Squat: 3×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%

(optional depending on how you feel after Monday’s wod and the squat work)

3a) For Time:

50 Banded Good mornings, 50 Burpees

25 Banded Good Mornings, 25 Burpees

3b) Mobility work for the remainder of class