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Marine Corps Birthday WOD


Marine Corps Birthday WOD


If you were a member this time last year, you may remember a tradition that started before GPX. A workout where people look at me like im a little crazy. It’s simple, yet nasty. November 10th is my birthday. Its my brothers’ birthday. It’s a birthday that dates back 241 years.

It’s the Marine Corps Birthday!

CrossFit has its benchmark and named workouts that are commonly used to test increases in fitness or done as an annual celebration. How many of you took part in the Memorial Day Murph? Another simple, yet rough workout.

Back to this Thursday. We will do the same workout that our gym has been doing on November 10, since we opened. I have been doing this for years before GPX opened. You guys get to share in the celebration with me. The workout is not sexy but its tradition and it’s important to me.

The Workout:

Marine Corps Birthday Burpees!

241 Burpees to celebrate 241 years of bad assery, 241 years of f*ck-stomping those that over step the line with our nation. 241 years of standing by as America’s pit bull just waiting to be let off the leash every once in a while.

For Time: 241 Burpees

Split it with a partner or take it on by yourself. Its up to you.


Train Hard Train Smart

Coach Pat

1 Response

  1. Scott Simmonds

    I’m in for 241 – There have been 4 Marines in my life who have made a difference. This is for them.