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March 13


March 13

Gulfport CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

Part 1: 3rds

:30ea Side Plank

20 Banded Sit Ups

15 Reverse V Ups w/ Sliders

Part 2: 3rds

:40 Hollow Hold

15 Bench Leg Raise w/ thrust

20 Plank Leg Slides

Part 3: 3rds

:30 Weighted Front Plank

30 Seated Twist

30 Sliding Mt Climbers


-10×1 Strict Deficit HSPU (perfect)

-8min EMOM: Kipping HPSU

-3x:20 Hold at top of Dip, 3x:20 Hold at bottom of Dip

Body Armor

-3×8 JM Press+ 8ea Seated DB Curl w/ 4ct down

-3x8ea DB Hammer Curl+ Max Bench Dips