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March 10, 2014


March 10, 2014

I am going to start changing up some of the video posts on here. We will still get some great videos on mobility and technique. I am also going to start posting some short videos to give you some general knowledge on CrossFit, strength & conditioning, and general fitness. To start with, here is one on the 10 general physical skills. You may not know it, but we train these day in day out. This is what CrossFit is all about. Even the movements that you don’t enjoy doing fall into these categories. For instance, we don’t just do barbell movements all the time because I enjoy them (i really do though). We utilize them the most because they cover more of the physical skills in a single rep. Learn the 10 skills and start increasing your knowledge of why we do things the way we do. It will make your training more effective.


Warm Up:2min Jump Rope/ Double Under practice

 2x Hip Mobility Drill, PVC 2×15 (dislocates + good mornings)

2rds: 10 Bar Kips+ 10 Wall Squats+ 20 Walking Lunges

2x Barbell Warm Up: (5 reps each)

Clean Pull, Power Clean, Front squat, Push press, Back squat, Snatch Push Press, OHS

* start to memorize this barbell warm up. It will be a staple of our warm up




6 Strict Press 95/65

12 Overhead Lunge


6 Push Press 135/95

12 Back Squat


6 Jerks 165/115

12 Dead Lift

* 90 sec Rest in between each couplet

* Add weight for each couplet