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June 2, 2014


June 2, 2014

Warm Up 2x Hip Mobility Drill, 2x PVC

2x GPX Barbell Warm Up


Today we start one month of  hard core Olympic lifting work. It will be on Monday and Friday. You will need to keep track of you weight for every set!

This cycle is simply to build on the strength we just got from the squat cycle and make people more comfortable with the dynamic lifts.


You will have one set every 90sec throughout the workout.

Goal is to add weight as often as possible, every set if possible.

Begin part 2 at the weight you ended with on part 1, same for part 3


1) 7 sets

3 Hang Snatch+ Overhead Squat

2) 7 sets

3 Hang Clean+ Push Press

3) 7 sets

3 Full Clean



1) 7 sets

3 Hang Snatch+ Snatch Push Press

2) 7 sets

3 Hang Clean+ overhead any style

3) 7 sets

3 Power Clean


Finally here is week 1 of the Midline Massacre. Remember you are to do these at home, before, or after class. lets see who is really willing to work for it here!

FB midline 1