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January 6, 2013


January 6, 2013

First off I want to congratulate our Nutrition Challenge winners.

Ty Watters

Derek Ware

James Junkins

Chris O’Keefe

Each of them put forth solid effort the entire time and made some great progress. Each had increases in performance, significant fat loss, and increase in lean muscle. They also developed some great healthy habits from the guidelines that we used.

* Make sure you check the schedule. We now have 5am classes every morning and yoga on Monday and Thursday.

* I really need you guys to register for your classes via the schedule tab or the members log in at the top of the page. If you have lost you sogn in password, message me and I will send you a new one.


Warm Up: 2x Hip Mobility Drill, 2min Wall Squat Hip Opener, 1 min each Couch stretch 2min La’x ball T-spine,

10 Wall Squats, 20 Frankensteins, 2x PVC, PVC snatch drills 


1) Snatch 3×[email protected] 85%, 2×[email protected] 88%

2) AMRAP 12

45 Air Squats

15 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)



1) Hang Snatch 5×3-5 (3-5 reps per set, increase weight each set as long as the weight is going overhead smoothly)

2) AMRAP 12

30 Air Squats (concentrate on depth and position, use wall ball/ support if needed)

10 Shoulder to Overhead