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January 17, 2014


January 17, 2014

Todays video is a very basic one, nothing exciting. This is just a quick recap of movements for our group of new members. Welcome them to regular classes!

Warm Up: 2x Hip Mobility Drill, Band Lat Pull, Band Front Rack,

2x 5 Wall Squat, 10 Air Squat, 10 Push Ups,

PVCx2 (Dislocate, good morning, front squat)

Barbell Clean Drills



1) Clean and Jerk: 2×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%

2) For Time:

400 Rope Waves

50 Burpees

20 Strict Pull Ups



1) Hang Clean and Jerk: 6×3 (add weight each set if moving well)

(if you just graduated On Ramp, then you are only concentrated on the hang clean)

2) For time, but you are allowed to complete reps in any order/ scheme until completeion

400 Rope Waves

40 Burpees

40 Ring Rows