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January 16, 2014


January 16, 2014

Warm Up: 2x 30/ 30 Hang & Squat,

30 sec each leg in each position- Couch stretch, Instep stretch w/ foot on a bench,  Pigeon stretch w/ leg on a bench, 

PVC x2 ( dislocate, good morning, Pillar squat)



1) Back Squat: 1×[email protected]%, 3×[email protected]%, 3×[email protected]%

2)3rds: Not done for time, but all sets must be Unbroken

25 KB Swing (as heavy as possible)

20 Weighted Lunges

15 Straight Leg Sit ups- Touch the toes

10 Ring Dips weighted if possible



1) Back Squat/ Bench Squat: 6×3 (attempt to go up in weight every set, end as heavy as possible with good movement)

2) 3rds

25 Russian KB Swing

20 Walking lunges

15 Straight leg sit ups

20 Push Ups