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January 1, 2014


January 1, 2014

Warm Up: 2x Hip Mobility Drill, 2x 30sec Hang 30sec Squat

2min Olympic Wall Squat, La’x Ball Thoracic Spine/ Traps

2x PVC (dislocate, good morn, Overhead squat)



30 min AMRAP

(every movement should be controlled and technical. This is not done for time like typical wods)

20 sec Hollow Hold

1-2 Muscle Ups (depending on skill)

4 Snatch Balance (75/45)

Bear Crawl 20m

8 KB Snatch (4R/4L)

12 Russian Twist (each side)

400m Run



30 min AMRAP

20 sec Hollow Hold (break up if needed)

3-5 Dips

4-6 Overhead Squats w/ empty Bar

Bear Crawl 20m

8 KB Swings

12 Russian Twist (each side)

400m jog

*No Morning classes tomorrow. We will have our normal evening classes