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I’m Committed. Are You?


I’m Committed. Are You?

CrossFit gives gym owners and coaches the freedom to work towards physical competency by allowing us to run our own programs however we see fit. This brings us to my method and process that I have developed over years of military training and coaching. Those of you that have been around for some time have even seen that process change. It will continue to change. I believe in always being a student of your craft. Learning and adapting is important for a coach as well as an athlete. I intend to keep developing my process forever, just as you should always be striving to be better in and out of the gym.

My process works very well. Yet, it requires two things, effort and trust. I expect a certain level of effort from each member. My expectations are different for each member as well. I know that a beginner will not have the capacity to come in 5 days a week and put in maximum effort. I do expect that higher attendance and increased effort be a goal for every member. I also expect a certain level of trust from each member. It is important that each member trust the process, trust the program, and trust that I have their best interest in mind. I want you all to reach your goals. It does me no good as a coach or business owner to cause injuries or have unsatisfied clients.

For a beginner I often give recommendations, such as recovery methods and attendance goals. I give beginners the most basic explanation of movement techniques, as to not overwhelm them. Most often with beginners, my aim to give you direction and let you just get moving. As train more and more, your work capacity increases, as does your ability to understand and apply techniques. This is where beginners must trust my process.

Once you’ve moved past the beginner stage, the programming becomes more important. Beginners make progress simply by showing up and working harder over time. Everyone else must trust the program. Part of my process has come from developing our specific methods, movement and warm up progressions, and technique cues. The progressions and program will actually teach you better technique by just showing up and doing them. So that means you have to trust the program and show up consistently.

Regardless of your physical level, everyone has a place in our gym. Just look across the gym and you see a broad spectrum of people; young to old, beginner to advanced, people that come twice a week to people that come every day, people that eat like 12-year-old to people that go hard on nutrition. Everyone has a place in our gym because I am looking for other qualities. I am looking for people that are coachable, humble, and willing to work for their success. I am looking for people that are dedicated to themselves, the gym, and my program. I do not care how much weight you can lift or your wod times. I care only that you are willing to do what is necessary to make progress.

One thing that many people don’t understand when they join a gym like this is the relationship that they are signing up for. I truly care about your health, well-being, and success. I take it personal. Your success is my success. The most difficult thing is watching someone who doesn’t even scratch the surface of their own potential because they never truly put forth the effort. I am dedicated to your success. I have lost sleep over members’ success. I have run myself ragged to give members more. The perfect member in my mind only seeks to mimic my level of dedication on their end.

We are more than just a gym. We are a community in which success is based on mutual commitment to each other. This applies to everyone. GPX isn’t successful because of a couple solid competitors. It isn’t successful because of how long the doors have been open. It is successful when the membership as a whole are dedicated to themselves, the community, and the gym.


“The hardest part of coaching may be remaining committed while coping with and even simply fearing the consequences of the emotional investment required to do the job as well as possible” –Coach Greg Everrett


Train Hard-Train Smart

Coach Pat