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Goal Setting


Goal Setting


This board…just pieces of particle board covered in chalk board paint with a nice contrasting border. Simple materials. Simple design. What you guys bring to the board make it something bigger. Each name on this board represents a members’ vision of their future accomplishments. Its these visions that make this board special.

It’s important to understand that goal setting in here is more than just writing things on the board that you would like to see happen and then going on about your daily activities in the same manner. There are a few things that you have to understand and must be willing to work on in order to make your goals become realty, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.


“You must be willing, at any time, to give up who you are for who you want to be” –Eric Thomas

I have always been a fan Eric Thomas (the rapping preacher). He’s pretty successful motivational speaker that started from nothing and dedicates his life to trying to inspire others. This statement is powerful and applies to any aspect of life. Many people have goals in the gym and in life but aren’t willing to give up what they’re currently doing. You want to lose weight but aren’t willing to give up drinking/ junk food. You want to go to the gym but aren’t willing to give up free time to get in. You want to ____ but aren’t willing to give up ____ to achieve it. It is simple.  If you want something you don’t have, you must be willing to do something you’re not doing. You must be willing to make sacrifices. Everyone in every gym joins with goals but few actually are willing to do what is necessary. The sacrifices needed vary from person to person and goal to goal but it stands true for us all


Be specific and realistic. Its first off very important that your goals are realistic. Most of the goals I see on the board are realistic goals but are they realistic to the individual? Not only must they be attainable goals, but they have to be attainable through your lifestyle, work ethic, and values. Of course lifestyle and work ethic can be changed through developing new habits, but if your goal is to lose 20lbs in a couple months but you work 16 hours days, sleep 4 hours a night, and refuse to give up your trendy craft beers, then something has to give. Be realistic. Once you have established a realistic goal, work on specifics. For some, that may be establishing timelines, end dates, or smaller goals within. Which brings me to the next point…


A goal without a plan is a Wish. Planning for your goals is incredibly important. Planning can give you more focus and help you anticipate road blocks along the way. If you goal is body related, then planning can be gym schedule, nutrition prep, or timelines. If its performance related then your plan can be a supplemental program that you do before/ after class. You have coaches specifically for these things. We can sit down any time and talk through a short goal setting session. In the end, you have to set a plan to reach your goal. Otherwise you’re just hoping that it happens. Chances of success without a plan are quite slim.


Lean on your support group. We talk CrossFit community pretty often. It’s a powerful concept in the gym. Its one of the most important aspects of a Crossfit gym. Often times its what keeps people coming back for more. Let people in on your goals. Lean on them for support. Let them know when you’re struggling. People in our gym want to see each other succeed and will support each other. A CrossFit gym environment naturally attracts the type of people that care about themselves and those around them. Use that to your advantage. Lean on others or better yet get others to join your cause.


The goals board is nothing without you guys. When I look at it, I see something bigger. I see potential. The goals on the board show me what you guys want to see. I can already see it in you. I can see a board covered in future GPX success stories. You joined this pain cave and pay a premium for it. You want something real out of this. Don’t let your goals fade away into just another wishful thought when you have the power, opportunity, and tools in front of you to make them real.


Right now, make a plan or contact coach to help make a plan. Either way don’t let it go to waste. Don’t let another year go by that you aren’t where you want to be.