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February 26, 2014


February 26, 2014

Please watch today’s video. This is a great explanation of where your grip should be for everything in the front rack position (front squat, thruster, jerk, etc. ). There are some follow videos on youtube that build on this as well.


Warm Up: Run 1 Lap, Hip Mobility Drill x2, 

2rds: 10 Bar Kips, 30sec Handstand/ Plank

3rds: 5 Wall Squat, 5 Goblet Squat, 10 Swings (use one size heavier than last week)

PVC  (dislocates, good mornings, Overhead Squats)2x10each




1o Thruster 135/95

1min Box Jump

1min Double Unders

1min Rest

Rest an additional 4 minutes after all three rounds, for a total of 5 min. Then…


10 Dead Lift 185/135

1min Push Up

1min Double Under

1min Rest


Adjust weights, box jump height, and do single unders