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February 20, 2014


February 20, 2014

2x Hip Mobility Drill, 2min Double Under Practice, 

3rds: 5 Wall Squat, 5 Goblet Squat, 10 KB Swing

Dynamic Warm up Lanes: High knees, butt kickers, carioca, side shuffle

2min mini band squats or regular banded squats for beginners

PVC: dislocate, good morning, jump squats (once thru 15 reps each)


If you do need to share KBs for this workout, then start a few minutes apart, so that you will not run into the same weight at the same time.


15 min Cap

30 Burpee

40 KB Swing (44/26)

30 Burpee

40 KB Swing (53/35)

30 Bupee

40 KB Swing (70/53)

Rest 2 min, then

4min to  perform as many  alternating KB Clean and Jerks as possible



Do the same workout. Set up three KBs each at a slightly higher weight.

Only if needed, omit the push up portion of the burpees to get the full workout in.