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February 12, 2014


February 12, 2014

For todays workout, watch the video and follow it to the next video progressions. ATHLETES will work on handstand positions facing the wall or freestanding, BEGINNERS will work only on getting into the handstand facing away from the wall. Mobility tip: you should be able to kick into handstand with out your back or butt crashing into the wall. If it does, then you lack shoulder mobility or stability. it may take more work.


Warm up: 2x Hip Mobility, Banded Lat Pull, Banded Arm Bar,

30sec Dead Hang, 30sec Hold at top of Pull Up,

PVCx2 (dislocate, good morning, Pillar squat)



1) 12 min Skills: Choose 1-2

Kipping (hollow/arch), Handstand (wall/ free standing tripod), Double Under, Muscle up, Pistol

2) 21,15,9

Snatch Balance (135/95)

Chest to Bar Pull up

Sit up



1) 12min Skills: Choose 1-2

Kipping (hollow/ arch), Pull ups, Kicking into handstand, Plank Holds, Ring Dips

*if you are sore/ wrecked you may do some extra mobility work instead

2) 21,15,9

Overhead Squat (light) or Front Squat

Banded Pull Up or Ring Rows (30,20,10)

Sit ups