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December 6, 2013


December 6, 2013

Warm Up: 2x 30sec hang 30sec squat

Banded Lat Pull, Banded Front rack,

2x PVC (dislocates, good mornings, pillar squats)

3rds “cindy”

1) Strict Press[email protected]%

2) Push Press 5×[email protected]%

*If you do not have maxes on these lifts, do them today

3) Unbroken (all sets are to be done as heavy as possible but cannot be broken up)

a. 3×25 KB Swing

b. 3×15 Knees to Elbow-or- Sit ups

c. 3×10 RIng Dips

*This workout is not done for time but work briskly. Rest only long enough to get the next set unbroken