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December 27, 2013


December 27, 2013

Warm up: Hip mobility 1min each position

5- stripper Stretch, 10- Wall Squat, 20 Dirty Dogs/ Donkey Kicks

2min- Mini Band Squats

PVCx2 (dislocate, Good Morning, Overhead Squats)

1) Back Squat: 6×[email protected]%
2) 9 min AMRAP
     5 Dead Lift (255/ 155)
     10 Push Ups
     18 Double Unders
3) Cash Out (can be done after class, just get it done)
    3×15 GHD Hip extensions
*We will be retesting the nutrition challenge workout next week. Many of you still need to get pics and measurements done. I know the time has been crazy, so I am lenient with it. Just come and get it done.