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December 16, 2013


December 16, 2013

Warm Up:

Warm Up: 2x 30sec hang 30sec squat

Banded Lat Pull, Banded Front rack,

2x PVC (dislocates, good mornings, pillar squats)

3rds “cindy”

 1) Strict Press:5×[email protected]%
2) Push press:[email protected]%
3)Rack Jerk Ladder (115/75 starting weight)
   Every minute on the minute 1 rep, add weight each rep
at failure immediately complete:
4)30 Burpee
    20 Dead lift
    10 Hand stand Push Ups
Congrats to Pete Sydow. There was great competition at the Power lifting meet and so many incredible, motivating performances. I am crazy proud of Pete. Since joining GPX he was worked hard, lost significant fat, and gotten stronger. he is proof of the efficacy in what we do. All of his hard work in the gym got him back into what he enjoys.