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December 12, 2013


December 12, 2013

Warm up: Hip mobility 1min each position

5- stripper Stretch, 10- Wall Squat, 20 Dirty Dogs/ Donkey Kicks

2min- Mini Band Squats

PVCx2 (dislocate, Good Morning, Overhead Squats)

1) Back squat:[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%

2) AMRAP 12

20- Push Press

20- Over Head Squat

20- Sit Ups

* The gifts are starting come in for our adopted family. Keep them coming and lets finish this up. It will be a great Christmas for a family in need, because you guys are all willing to give back to your community. This type of thing almost makes me want to smile…

* Keep Spreading the word on our January Promo: FREE ON RAMP course for beginners. Any member that refers someone to On Ramp will receive a discount on membership. Any one interested needs to message/ email me to lock down a spot.