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I often tell people that I only have two feelings….”Anger” and “Fuck Yeah”. I am currently overwhelmed with “Fuck yeah”. We just finished another year at Pensacola Beach Brawl. I saw some killer performances from our gym and CrossFittters from all over. It’s amazing how the sport, community, and performances have grown over the years.

I am often quiet about things when we compete. I often just sit back, watch, and think. I think about how the gym has grown from a two car garage with a few trainees to the place that it is now. I look at our crew and think about how a small gym has brought people together in such an amazing way. I see people who would have never met otherwise supporting each other, pushing each other, and growing together. I see people from all around the region competing against each other and still cheering each other on.

People say that this is the only sport where the person in last place get the most applause, but that statement does it no justice. You can’t fully appreciate that idea until you have been there and felt the goose bumps of pure excitement as people push someone that they have never even met. This weekend, we witnessed a sight that embodies the CrossFit community at its finest.

Here’s what I saw:

    [Our masters team was in for a struggle. We mistakenly signed them up in a division that was outside of their capabilities as a team. I take responsibility for that mix up. The workout was tag team style. Two members went out did their part, tagged the other two, then they finished. The workout called for the two members to complete 50 pull ups, 40 box step overs, and 40 hang snatches. The weight on the bar left one team member to take on the 40 hang snatches on his own, with limited time left. All other teams had finished, leaving our man to chip away at reps on his own. One by one the other competitors made their way over to the last guy on the floor, until he was surrounded by his competition. They were cheering him on as if he was about to set a world record or something. The crowd outside of the barriers grew and grew. The motivational cheers grew louder. There must have been 100 plus people cheering him on. He fought with everything left to finish 36 of 40 reps before the time cap hit. The team finished the workout last, yet every other competitor on the floor congratulated him like he won.]

In my eyes, he did win. Our masters team went out there and gave it everything they had. They hit PRs. They fought for every rep and their performance brought out the best in the CrossFit community. This was the most motivating thing I have ever seen in competition or the gym. It made me proud to be their coach. It made me proud to be part of GPX.

I don’t expect that everyone in the gym competes. Competition isn’t for everyone. Many just want to increase their health and fitness. That is perfectly cool with me. There are still plenty of ways to get involved. I do want everyone to experience the CrossFit community in some way. I takes putting yourself out there. Make an effort to meet people in the gym and be part of the community. We often have people going to competitions or getting together outside of the gym. Many friendships and relationships have come out the gym…hell I’m proof of that now. Positivity is contagious and we have a crew of people that actively care about themselves and others. There is more going on here than just a daily workout in a sweat box. You all have the opportunity to be part of something more.

Embrace the community, enjoy the journey, and the results are inevitable.


Hit me up if you’re interested in how you can get involved with participating in competition or supporting our competitors.

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  1. Michelle S.

    That was beautifully written Pat. You are a great coach … even when I can’t tell what you are thinking! LOL. I am proud to be a member of GPX.