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Bro Sesh


Bro Sesh


“Only a man who knows what it’s like to be defeated, can reach down to the bottom of his soul with the extra ounce of power to win, when the match is even.” – Mohammed Ali
“Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.” – Carls Von Karlswich

“I’ve always wondered why birds stay in the same place, when they could fly anywhere in the world. And then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya

Gulfport CrossFit – CrossFit

Metcon (No Measure)

28min EMOM (7rds)

7 Bench Press

7 Bent Over Row

14 Russian KB Swing

14 Any Ab/ Core Exercise


8min EMOM

10 Barbell Curl

10 Barbell Skull Crushers