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Advocare 24 Day Challenge


Advocare 24 Day Challenge


I want to do a quick overview of the AdvoCare 24 Day challenge. We have a good handful of people starting it along with our nutrition challenge and plenty of other members have done it before. I just want to talk about how it works, so you guys know what you’re getting into. I have used it before and found solid success from it. The core system that we typically sell contains two products, a 10-day cleanse and a 14-day max phase. Other products can be added to the kit such as fish oil, amino acids, and meal replacements shakes. Fish oil and aminos are great, but I find some other brands to be better for your money, and I personally don’t care for the AdvoCare meal replacement shake. So let’s take a look at the core kit.

The 10-day cleanse uses three supplements: probiotic capsules, herbal cleanse tablets, and a fiber mix. The purpose of the cleanse is to rid your body of waste and anything slowing optimal function of your organs. The cleanse combo will improve digestion and prepare your body for nutrient absorption. All of this nutrition stuff works much better when your body isn’t full of garbage. You will spend the first 10 days using just this cleanse system. It can also be used as a stand-alone without the following 14-day kit just for a quick cleanse. Look inside your cleanse box for the exact timing directions. There you will find when to take each supplement in the kit.

The Max phase will be used for the following 14 days. This kit is designed for health and  wellness through three main supplements for appetite control, sustained energy, and core nutrition. There are no crazy fad fat burners or wild ingredients with little to no research backing. It uses a combination of natural and herbal supplements that assist in getting the body what it needs to further the effects of solid nutrition. Just like the cleanse, there are very simple directions. The 14-day kit comes in 14 strips. Each day grab a strip of pill packets. Each pill packet in the strip tells you when to take it. The guess work is done.

Like I said before, I have found solid success using the cleanse along with a good nutrition plan. All the supplements in the world mean nothing without sound nutrition habits. So, remember that supplements do not make up for food/ nutrition. They only assist it. Many of you are about to start your cleanse in conjunction with our challenge. Good luck to you guys. I look forward to seeing the results. Make sure you are familiar with all of the previous nutrition blog posts and the challenge info packet, as well as have a plan for your own nutrition. Advocare nutrition recommendations are quite similar to what you guys have gotten from me.

Enjoy your cleanse period and success. For anyone, let me know if you would still like to try a kit. Herbal cleanse kits can be used on occasion about every 3-4 months. If you like the MNS3 (max phase kit), that can be continued as long as you would like.