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“Any fool can learn from experience. It’s better to learn from the experience of others.” Bismark
“Everything is habit forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing.” — Wilt Chamberlain

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Athlete’s Choice

This is about developing your individual goals. Choose a route for todays workout: either “Conditioning” or “Practice”. If you’re here for general health and fitness reasons, then base your workout around core and conditioning exercises. If you’re working on CrossFit specific development, then focus on competition movements and high skill movements that require practice.

Metcon (No Measure)


Movement Choice 1

Movement Choice 2

(Movement Choice 3)

(Movement Choice 4)
Choose 2-4 movements from the list to build your own wod. Ask coach for help if needed or if there is something you’d like to do that is not listed.

Movement Options:

Gymnastics: Handstand Work, Pull Up bar Work, Muscle Up, Double Under

Barbell: Snatch, Clean

Conditioning: Row, Bike, Burpee, Sit Up, Sled Push/Pull, KB Swing

Core: Plank, Hollow Hold, L Hold, Reverse Hyper, Back Ext