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Structure and Purpose


Structure and Purpose



So, I wanted to get into a little bit about how and why our classes are run the way that they are. We have more structure to our classes than many other CrossFit gyms and it’s for good reason. I promise it’s not because I’m some institutionalized military dude. I have seen gyms with little structure and no enforcement of class/ gym rules. Its anarchy. Their programs suck, coaches have no control, and people run wild. Then their results follow the same pattern. I feel that a little clarification is in order, so people see where imp coming from and don’t think that I’m just an asshole coach. True, I do at times come down hard on people when they are violating gym rules and etiquette. It’s not personal, so don’t take it that way and his post is not directed at any specific person or people.


Ill focus on a few main things here:

  • Showing up to class on time- I understand that there are times that people are going to run a few minutes behind. That’s ok. Just understand that you may be required to do penalty burpees for being late. I would still rather you show up a little late than not show up at all. We do have an issue if it is a regular thing. Please make an effort to be early or right on time. Showing up late is a distraction and a safety concern. Class workouts are meticulously planned. You cannot afford to miss warm up and expect to jump right into real work. That’s a recipe for disaster. If show up too late, you may be asked to wait until the next class or forfeit the first part of the workout to get your warm up done. Be respectful of all of the other people that are in the class. They showed up on time and their workout cannot be held up for one person.
  • Talking/ setting up/ water fountain/ bathroom during instruction time- This is a huge pet peeve of mine. It absolutely drives me crazy. I feel that it is disrespectful to me and to the members that are listening. Your moving around distracts others from what I am talking about. Feel free to talk during warm up and any time after a coach is done with instruction. Go to the bathroom before class or after instruction. Bring a water bottle to drink from, instead of running out to the fountain. I’ve always recommended that you bring a bottle anyways and I’m confident that you won’t dehydrate during the warm up. This applies especially to those that have been around for a while. I understand that you know what to do and you’re anxious to get started but you can’t distract others from learning.
  • Cleaning up while others are still working out- So awesome, you just went beast mode on a wod and finished in half the time of some others. Use your spare time to run over and motivate those that are still going. Imagine the drop in motivation you would feel if you were fighting to finish a workout before the time cap and the people on side of you are spraying and mopping the floor with a Fit Aid in the other hand. That’s doesn’t exactly scream “supportive community”, does it? Drop the mop and give others a boost. The three minutes that you saved by cleaning up early could possibly change some one’s day.


These are just a few of the main things that make or break our community and class structure. There’s no doubt that we run an intense program and typically fill every minute of class time. I want you guys to reach your goals and get everything possible out of your membership. That’s where the rules and structure come in. They are necessary to make things run smoothly and get through our daily plan. So, please be respectful of me, our gym rules, and the people around you and remember, if you break one of the rules expect me to call you out on it. You guys also know my personality and I won’t typically call you out in a subtle way. Please, don’t take it personal or attempt to snap back at me in any way. It won’t play out well. I am a dedicated coach with a purpose. This is part of the deal and I only have the time and energy to train those that jive with the whole program.


Train hard Train smart

Coach Pat

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